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Not sure of what you ment BUT I have been contacted by many people that have told me that they have been ripped off by this company, so they say Buyer beware and I will continue to let people know if a company has a rep of being a scam and they can take it from there.

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Many thanks to all who are not afraid to expose a scam in light of possable self embarrassment.
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 in response to Customer Support...   It is nice that someone chose to submit the customer service information for this company. I only report companies that are listed as scams and this one has numerous complaints. I realize all companies have complaints but they also have supporting arguments and for this company I did not find any. I always suggest to anyone looking to work at home to always research the company and look at scam reports as there are many companies that are ripping people off and if I can save one person from that I shall.
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